" I have seen Amber in multitude ways as a client for the past year. She has been both my herbalist and esthetician. I love how professional, nurturing, kind, and focused Amber is with her practice. It is amazing to see a practitioner who also makes their own products. I use her face moisturizer and toner on a daily basis.  I love that she uses all organic ingredients, and the magical aspect of using gem and flower essences, leaves me feeling really relaxed, healed, and present"    - A.R., Massage Therapist, Oakland


"Such a gifted healer!! My facial was a few days ago and my skin is still soft and glowy. The whole experience was so healing and relaxing, and Amber is so warm and knowledgeable about the body and the herbs and ingredients in her products- I've had way more expensive facials for way less in terms of results and experience... and this was simply perfect. Thank you Amber!!"  -J.C., Oakland 


"My first treatment with Amber was a leg wax and it was the most soothing, relaxing wax I've ever received (seriously!) She has a comfy massage table to lay down on and plays relaxing music, a most tranquil waxing environment. And my legs came out great! I followed it up the next week with an organic facial- yum! Amber makes all the products she uses by hand and you really could eat them, they're so pure. Again, a totally relaxing experience. Lovely."  -S.S., Oakland 


"My facial with Amber was amazing! I feel rejuvenated, relaxed, refreshed, and so cared for! Amber has a warm and sensitive manner that made me so comfortable and my skin feels amazing! Thanks, Amber!" -M, Oakland 


"Wonderful facial, pure and glowing products, good good vibes!" -V.S.M., Sacramento 


"Mmm! relaxing, cleansing, lovely! I almost want to eat all the things you put on my skin."  -M.P. 




"Today I entered into the previously unknown (to me) realm of waxing! I have always wanted to try it and this was my first time! Amber was super body-positive (which has been a fear of mine about going and getting this done somewhere) and really supportive/understanding of my fear of pain. It was so awesome! My skin feels great and it was not that painful at all. I will definitely be back."   -L.M., Oakland 

"I stopped getting waxed anywhere on my body about 3 years ago for a variety of reasons, including: not finding the right aesthetician who I felt really understood by, and feeling like the experiences I was having were not totally positive or respectful of my overall health. I had my first wax back on the wagon with Amber at Pink Light Botanicals, and it was great! It was fun talking about all the options, Amber asked questions and listened to me, making sure I left totally happy. She had tips and advice about natural aftercare, and created a really comfortable relaxing environment."   -M.H., San Francisco