Pink Light skin care and beauty products are herbal luxuries, hand-made in small batches and infused with skin-nourishing botanicals.  A great deal of intention is put into the creation of each bottle or jar of product, making them very luxurious and unique. They contain essences of flowers and gemstones, adding a special touch of magic, beauty, and brightness. They are formulated with high-quality ingredients, contain no artificial ingredients, and are nearly 100% organic. They are great for the person who wants to experience beauty in everything, including their facial scrub.

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- Formulated by Herbalist and Esthetician

-Gentle enough for most skin types  

- Nearly 100% Organic Ingredients 

- Locally Sourced Plant Material When Possible

- Infused with Skin Healing Botanicals  

- Free From Artificial Ingredients and Parabens 

- Free From Alcohol/Mineral Oil/Petroleum

- All Glass Containers   

- Contain Magical Essences of Flowers and Gems