Q: Why should I get a facial?   And how often do I need one?

A:  Facials are a literal shedding of skin!  They help you detox and feel and look like your freshest self.  There's no better feeling than the simultaneous relaxation and glow you can experience post facial.  It's beautiful to maintain the practice at least once every season.

Each person's case is different, but If you have specific skin issues you want to work on (acne, dryness, discoloration, etc), regular facials every four weeks can help your skin look it's best.    



Q: Why natural and organic products?  

A: The same as it's important to consider the quality of the foods we eat, it's also important to consider the quality of the ingredients we put on our skin.  Our skin is a large organ of absorption, and toxic ingredients applied topically can affect our health.  There are many links to common skin care ingredients and cancer and other disease.  


Q: What is the magical element of Pink Light all about?  

A: I believe that true beauty is held in the mystery of nature and the spiritual world, or magic.  The more connected we are to these things, the more we can radiate beauty.  I infuse my products with energetic essences of flowers and gemstones to help connect people to more magical realms of possibility.    

In my practice, I try to maintain a connection the the cycles of nature and stay attuned to the energy of the moment.  I also provide a sense of grounding and healing during services through the use of breathe and meditation.  


Q: Where does the name Pink Light come from?    


The name is inspired by the pink glow that appears in the western sky during sunrise and the eastern sky during sunset, which I find to be one of the most intoxicating, magical, and beautiful designs of nature.   


This mythology also describes the name:   

Aphrodite/Venus is well known for her Magic Girdle or embroidered belt, made of gold filigree crafted lovingly by her husband, the smith god Hephaestus/Vulcan. When she wore it, she was irresistible! Other goddesses sometimes borrowed this girdle when they wanted to turn on their love light. When we wear the Girdle of Venus, we surround ourselves in an aura of love, desire, beauty, magnetism and charm. This is the natural beauty of our spirit that shines through, no matter what our physical appearance looks like. (There is also an atmospheric phenomenon called The Belt of Venus, in which the horizon glows pink just before sunrise or after sunset.)